Steps to Becoming a Better Parent

1. If you have multiple children then learn to parent each child as an individual. Each child has their own personality and character, so it is important to be able to identify their differences, and parent them according to their needs. Let them become who they were designed to be with some guidance from you, but with no pressure to be who you desire them to be. It is imperative that children be allowed to have their own; or find their own individuality. It is also important that you parent them according to who you see them becoming as adults, and nurture it.

2. Give them true love: Providing you children true love means that you are spending quality time with them, and providing them with a safe environment, and this means emotional, mental as well as physically. Children need a nurturing environment in order to grow, and to thrive into who they are meant to be. Parents have to sacrifice not only their money, but adequate time with their children. in order for them to know that they are love, and able to achieve their goals in life. It is important that your children feel safe, loved, nurtured, and secure in order for them to exemplify this when they become adults.

 3. Enjoy your children: Children grow up so fast so take time to enjoy the addition that they bring to your life. Children require a lot more than money to feel loved they need your presence and attention. Enjoy time with them doing absolutely nothing, but talking and finding out who they are, and what they enjoy. Don’t spend a lot of time arguing with them, but learn to set limits and stick to them; trust me they will respect you for it. Spend more time enjoying who they are, and what they bring to your life. Yes it can be difficult raising children, but it can also be enjoyable, if you take time to enjoy it. Find out who they are as people, and it may explain who they will become in the near future.


Rachquel Gibbons-Jackson, MSW M Div.

Life Coach and Parenting Educator

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