Taking Charge of Your Mind


As I begin to write this blog, I reflect on the many various times that, I have been forced to repair and restore my mind simply because I allowed too many negative thoughts to enter it. Thoughts are ideas or opinions produced by thinking or occurring suddenly in the mind; and or the process of thinking (Wikipedia). Since our thoughts come from our ability to think, then we must be careful with those opinions we produce or allow others to create for us. Our thoughts can be negative or positive and we are in charge of how we process these thoughts, and how we allow them to manifest in our lives. We are the gate keepers of our minds and hearts and we can learn to block negative thoughts and welcome positive thoughts.
To be a gate keeper of our thoughts we must learn how to adequately process our daily thoughts. One way that we can block negative thoughts is to test those thoughts with reality. For example: if someone says to you that you are lazy, but you have evidence that you are not lazy, by the fact that you are employed, going to school, or doing something productive, then this is the evidence that you need to counter-attack those negative opinions or thoughts. We cannot simply take the advice of others or secure their opinions as realities in our lives. We must weigh all opinions and thoughts with the reality that is happening in our lives. We cannot receive negative unreliable and untested thoughts of others and ourselves as valid truths in our lives, until we have tested them with physical evidence.
Another way to be a gate keeper of our thoughts is by determining if you are practicing learned behavior. Sometimes we grow up in the presence of negative people, and because they have spoken negative things in our lives it has become our normalcy, and we begin to repeat those words in our own lives. To break these habits in our lives we must reprogram the way we speak to others and how we allow others to speak to us as well. One activity that I provide for my clients is to write down five positive things about themselves. They are directed to place these five thoughts on their mirrors at home and repeat them to themselves daily. It has been stated that it takes 30 days to create a habit, so they are directed to consistently repeat these statements to themselves daily, so they can habitually learn to speak positive to themselves. If you desire to change the way you talk to yourself, then begin to change the way you talk to yourself.
The last tool that I will provide for the sake of this blog, is to determine if you are mentally oppressed in your thoughts. In other words, have you allowed your thoughts to gain power over your life and purpose? Oppression occurs when we allow people or things to gain power over us. Oppression is abusive and unfair, and can lower or self-worth, self-esteem and reduce opportunities in our lives. Sometimes we not only allow others to oppress us, but we oppress ourselves mentally by what we say to ourselves. Sometimes we can be abusive to ourselves by the way we speak to ourselves.
To assist us with deleting mental oppression in our lives, we should contact a therapist or life coach that can help us develop new tools. We should also learn to use positive reinforcement by remembering what God has already spoken about us. When we feel negative thoughts appearing in our minds when she immediately counters them with positive thoughts. If we are struggling with saying positive things about ourselves, then we can use biblical scripture to remind us of what God is saying about us.
For us to begin the process of taking back control of our minds from the enemy then we must be proactive in our thinking and the way we speak to ourselves. Romans 12:2 reminds us to transform and renew our minds. However, renewing your mind must be a daily exercise. It must not be taken lightly, and must be completed intentionally with progress in mind. We can transform our minds by remembering those things that we have already endured and overcame. We are more than the negative things we speak, but we are also the positive things that we live out.

Rachquel Jackson, MSW MDiv

Personal and Spiritual Coach

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